Mobile Card Reader

Mobile Card Reader Features

This mobile app allows small and mid-sized merchants to accept payments anywhere they conduct business with no additional equipment to purchase. Today's smart phone can easily be turned into a versatile handheld terminal. You can take transactions directly to your customers with all the processing power you need.

It’s easy to download and activate the application. Key feature highlights:

  • The reader is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and accepts both EMV, magstripe card payments, and NFC/contactless payments.
  • Is supported by all major wireless providers and is compatible with an extensive list of smartphones and mobile devices
  • Is easy to set up and includes comprehensive in-house customer service support

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Mobile Card Reader Security

Our mobile card reader makes your mobile device a bridge covering the gap between point of sale and eCommerce payment acceptance, which can help improve sales and cash flow. The mobile card reader works as a fully functioning virtual terminal.

  • Make payments from remote locations quickly and easily
  • Send receipts directly to a customer email addresses
  • View transaction history and manage payments directly from your mobile device
  • Capture customers’ signatures within the application
  • Process payments with optional AVS entry
  • Calculate tips and taxes right on your mobile device
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Quickly complete the sale

The reader is designed to accept EMV, magstripe, and NFC/contactless payments. Getting started is easy. You simply download the proprietary mobile application, plug in the reader, connect to a WiFi or cellular data connection and you are ready to start accepting payments.

  • Decrease time spent processing transactions
  • Reduce processing costs by swiping or dipping the customer’s card instead of paying higher interchange fees for card-not-present transactions